Business Supplies Ltd And KIMAB

 Business Supplies Ltd is an international company specializing in incorporation, asset management and financial advice. Business Supplies Ltd European headquarters are located in Devon in southwest England.
Business Supplies in Sweden AB and its subsidiary

KIMAB represents the company since 1990 and is the only offshore consulting company to have a physical representation in Sweden.

KIMAB is an independent company without contractual ties with banks, insurance companies or international consulting firms that make part of our extensive contact network.

We provide our clients with the unique tailor-made solution in every particular case, according to the current status and needs. Our elaborated contacts with banks, insurance companies, etc. allow, for instance, opening of corporate and private bank accounts, incorporation around the globe, expansion onto a new market or a new business branch.

The expertise gained under these two decades ensures an outstanding level of service and quality. Our clients have enjoyed the advantage of not just purchasing a ready-made product over the Internet, but having a reliable, diversified long-term business relationship with a stable consulting firm. We are always available for assistance with challenges of today and tomorrow.


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