Corporate Services

Our  core business is to create and operate  companies and trusts to meet our clients’ needs.

The list of support activities for this objective includes tax consultancy, foreign ownership of property, investment advice, credit cards,  among others. Our network of outstanding partners allows us to be at the forefront of these areas.We have established contacts with various international banking institutions.

We provide contacts for accounts, loans and other banking services.We also assist with asset management when you consider vital to have control over your assets while you enjoy total privacy. Many people find it a formidable resource to use a Swedish contact on these issues.

Our corporate department offers the following services:

  •  Company and fund formation and fund management
  •  International Private Law
  •  Tax Advice
  •  Protection of assets
  • Banking Relationships
  • Capital investments
  • Trademarks, patents, licenses and other rights
  •  Accounting and bookkeeping
  •  Mail handling
  • Translation
Corporate Services - Business Supplies Ltd

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