Fund Management

 It is extremely important that you take control over your assets while maintaining complete confidentiality.We combine our advice  with the tax expertise to provide you the best opportunities you can get.

You have access to all the possibilities of  the international financial market. There is much to gain to provide the assets allocation as much energy as the setup of your business. Choosing an interest-bearing account as the final destination of capital, is often a better deal for the bank than for you.

If security is critical, there are many other compelling options.

You get access to:

  • Bonds
  • Corporate bonds
  • The global fund market, fund of fund solutions, Hedge funds
  • Self-holding or personal depot, Internet commerce  or traditional depot
  • Structured Products
  • Personal Bond through international insurers


A personal bond gives you the ability to structure a customized investment with an exceptionally broad content of financial instruments.

It is an effective and easy way to coordinate your investments, and this is the reason why it is so frequent in these contexts.

Another strong argument for such a bond should be a part of your  portfolio is the protection it provides against debtors.


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