Registered corporate office of jurisdictionEach company shall have a registered office to which legal documents and acts can be sent or delivered.

It is also possible, if the customer so prefers, to use the same address as our office in England as the customer’s company address.

In most jurisdictions there is an obligation to keep records of the company’s shareholders, directors and officers and a copy of the company seal/logo at the registered office.

KIMAB offers local representation, an agent in the jurisdiction in which the company is incorporated in case so is required by law.

The internal auditor and external auditor

Each company is obliged to appoint an internal auditor. This person is an official of the company with responsibility for the company registry and following the local law.

An external auditor can be provided as well.

Preparation and submission of annual accounts

Companies must submit annual accounts to the local authorities. At the same time a registration fee is due as well.

In some jurisdictions accounts audit is required. Late submission of annual accounts results in penalties and, possibly, exclusion from the register. The financial statements typically contain information about the board, secretary, registered office, share capital, loans and any other financial information.

Correspondence and billing

Letters, faxes and phone messages can be sent to the company’s registered office and dealt with there.

Mail, faxes and other messages can be forwarded. Correspondence can be kept until the clients contact us.

Invoices can be printed and mailed from the registered office. This service is included in the annual fee, with the exception when it is rendered frequently on a regular basis.

Visa applications

We assist with visa applications.
We offer services within in law, finance, tax, accounting, management. In addition, we can arrange contact with local specialists in these fields.Legal services, finance, tax issues, accounting, management

Banking relationships

We work with banks worldwide. Among various services we can provide are new bank accounts and related advice as well as board members, management, etc.


Board of directors, shareholders, sharehold and share transfer, the original certificate,

the board’s responsibility, control, ownership, confidentiality, authorized signatory,

instructions to the bank, and much more is included in our range of advice and services.


All correspondence between us and our clients are treated confidentially.

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